Birth preparation classes | Pediatric and obstetric osteopathy | Postnatal rehabilitation

Confidence in Birth Workshop

Birth Preparation Classes for mothers and their Support People

Taught by an Osteopath, this class integrates breathing, movement and relaxation techniques to help give women skills to work with their body during labour and optimise the physiological process of birth. The workshop incorporates a mixture of information sharing and practical skills.

  • Preparing you physically and psychologically through movement and mindfulness
  • Demystifying labour pain and effective coping strategies
  • Understanding birth physiology, incorporating active birth techniques for each stage of labour
  • How to support your partner during labour including planning and hands on techniques for the birth team
  • Effective pushing practice. How to biomechanically push your baby out with minimal strain
  • Creating the optimal environment for birthing your baby, and how to minimise unnecessary disruption to the birthing woman
  • The moments after birth and bonding with your baby.